Oursin Paris

If you want to slip into a Mediterranean slumber whilst in the heart of Paris, I have just the spot for you!

Oursin is another creation by the brilliant Jacquemus - probably my next favorite after his petite handbags splashed in all the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

The restaurant is located in the Galeries Lafayette on the busy Champs-Elysées. Despite the bustle from cars and people spilling over the street and into the stores, the restaurant offers a quiet recluse to gather your thoughts and dream about the future.

Oursin is the French term for sea urchin, and alludes to what can be found on the menu - Mediterranean delicacies with a focus on seafood. The items are reasonably priced, nothing too exorbitant for the quality and quantity.

The restaurant’s layout is open and spacious, and transports you to a Mediterranean coastal village. Even though it is in the department store, the enormous window looking out on the Champs-Elysées drenches the space in sunlight, giving the impression of being out in the open.

Colorful ceramics of all shapes and sizes adorn the white walls which enfold the restaurant. The vibrant plates decorated with Mediterranean food serve as interim table decoration before you are seated.

To explore this treasure, I met up with Dulni, a high school friend studying in Paris. Dulni ordered the pasta with clams, green olive and pistachio salsa. Not being able to resist mushrooms, I opted for the fresh pasta with chanterelles, fried sage and Parmesan. We spent the afternoon catching up over a glass of wine, soaking up the sun that turned a cold winter day into an allusion of summer and enjoying the delicious food.

Oursin is definitely worth the visit when in Paris!

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