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please drink a lot of wine and be extraordinarily well read and buy too much perfume and write a few too many love letters and spread affection and poetry wherever you go

I’m finally starting a blog! This is something I’ve been sitting on for years - because I have so much that I want to say - but with studying, there was just never time. Until I posted this picture on Instagram and decided: this is the first piece - I’m finally doing it!

Naturally, this post will include food and wine. Not that those are the most important things in life, but I can pretty much start planning my next meal before I’ve finished the current one I’m eating.

My brother and I often go on food adventures as a reward after tests, eating well for the week or just because - I think it’s important to celebrate small things. I often have a bottle of backup champagne in the fridge just because (but more of that in a later post, which will probably be my favorite). We decided that we’d go to Camps Bay on a day where Cape Town was showing off with the weather. Those of you who know Camps Bay, know the promenade with all the delectable and quaint places to eat - really, you are utterly spoiled for choice there. We wanted to be at the beach, but we didn’t want seafood. So we opted for Hard Rock Café and am I ever glad we did!

I’ve loved the Hard Rock Café ever since I went to my first one in Paris in 2012. I ordered a strawberry daiquiri and paid the little extra fee to keep the hurricane glass it came in. Don’t ask me how I did it, because I don’t remember, but I got that baby back to South Africa in my checked in luggage. It’s still in my brother’s room.

We sat upstairs at the window area - it has such a pretty view of a slice of Camps Bay beach and Lion’s Head. And you get to watch all the people on the street, walking and going about their business. I ordered the Brampton Rosé which came in a generous pouring in this glass, for only R45 ($3). I thought it was quite a bargain for a glass of wine that I enjoy. I remember having it once at the Brampton Bar in Stellenbosch with a group of girls from res as predrinks before the predrinks for a formal dance.

Now for the food! Whenever I got to a Hard Rock Café, I shamelessly order the same thing: the ORIGINAL LEGENDARY BURGER. It was the first burger to be served in Hard Rock Café. This is your basic beef burger with smoked bacon and cheese, finished off with some crispy golden fried onion rings. It’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, the patty is so juicy and succulent, and it comes with amazing shoestring fries and mayo. To sum up: this burger will not let you down. They have a lot of other things on the menu, but I usually tend to order the same thing if it’s that good and I enjoyed it. It’s really filling, and you probably won’t have room for any dessert afterwards (dessert stomachs don’t apply here) - so if you’re not that hungry, maybe share with a friend.

Something a lot of people won’t know about eating at Hard Rock Café - if you rate your meal online afterwards, you get a free starter on your next visit, and this deal is valid for 6 months. So you don’t need to rush right back, they give you enough time - in case you forget about it or somehow lose the receipt for a few months. The Hard Rock Café also has a really cool rewards program. You get priority seating, and a free entree during your birth month. Those are just some of the perks.

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