Cape Fynbos Gin - South African handcrafted gin

If you had to chose one gift to receive every single year that you’d never get tired of, what would it be?

Fortunately - I had that choice made for me by my uncle, Pieter. It was a pre-Christmas braai at his house in 2018, and he offered me Cape Fynbos Gin. I loved the gin so much, I think I had 2 (was it 3?) glasses. His Christmas gift to me that year was a bottle of Cape Fynbos gin. And again last year... And I would not mind receiving it for a third time this year. It has also become one of my top recommendations to friends when asked which new gin to try - and the responses have been resoundingly positive!

This wonderful South African gin was born through the founders' love for the

unique landscape and flora of the Western Cape. This is no surprise, as the Cape Floral Kingdom is home to a cornucopia of indigenous flowering plants, numbering up to nine thousand species. Most of these are members of the group loosely called “fynbos”. The beautiful, vibrant packaging will make you reach out for this bottle before knowing how wonderful the content is.

I love trying out new gins - especially local South African gins. And this is one that I am so thrilled to have founds! The original Cape Fynbos Gin is smooth gin infused with juniper berries and over 30 botanicals. It is the perfect representation of what incredible creations Cape Fynbos can deliver, as many of the botanicals are members of the fynbos groups. The hints of orange essence, honey and white pepper beautifully combine with the botanicals to capture the spirit of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Their newest invention is the Cape Fynbos Gin - Citrus Edition, which combines the classic with a medley of citrus fruits. This is perfect for a summer holiday drink whilst lounging by the pool - pretending to be on a tropical island with a cold refreshing drink in your hands.

Something that is absolutely genial is their Cape Fynbos 40 ml Mini Gin Display Pack. This pack contains 24 adorable baby bottles of gin - perfect as party favors for your guests, or to use for a "create your own gin" station - especially for those friends who can be too generous when pouring their gin (I am probably that friend).

Fortunately for us, Cape Fynbos Gin has a few of their own unique cocktails to make with their award-winning gin! So the dream of a refreshing drink can become a reality!

Here are some of my favorite cocktails from their list.


  • Fresh granadilla pulp (50ml)

  • 150ml Méthode Cap Classique

  • A squeeze of lime

  • Flower ice (for those that have the time - )


  • 2 scoops mango sorbet

  • One/two pours Cape Fynbos gin - Citrus Edition

  • Indian Tonic to taste

  • Garnish with a sprig of fynbos or orange rinds

With Halloween coming up, why not serve their VAMPIRE cocktail to your guests?

  • One / two pours of Cape Fynbos gin (I would suggest 2 of course!)

  • 50ml pomegranate juice

  • 50ml beetroot juice

  • Slithers of cucumber

  • A thin slice or two of lime

  • Wild rosemary (smoke the rosemary for an experiential addition)

  • 150ml of sparkling water

For mor ginspiration, visit their website:

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