Burger & Lobster

Little New-York in Cape Town

Sitting inside of this restaurant, you instantly get the feeling that you’ve been transported from Cape Town’s Bree Street to a restaurant in Manhattan, New York. The bar spans an entire wall, from ceiling to floor, and reminds you of the type of bars you’ll see in American series or movies (definitely somewhere Carrie Bradshaw and the girls would have stopped by). Not only does Burger & Lobster give an air of a New York hangout, they also give out the branded matchboxes you’ll find in any New York Restaurant - a very excellent and clever touch! I’m instantly reminded of my visits to New York as a child, and trying to see which one of my brother and I can collect the most match boxes from all the restaurants there.

The vibe of a restaurant is just as important as the food, and they’ve got it right at Burger & Lobster. Whilst perusing the menu inside, you’re entertained by lively background music, as well as some of the lobsters swimming in a tank against the wall opposite the bar.

They have a very interesting cocktail menu, which makes me very happy because I love experimenting with new drinks and tastes that I definitely won’t think of on my own (and I don’t have the intention of trying to recreate them either - cocktails are my drink treats). On my most recent visit, I opted for the Coney Island, and the name fits perfectly! This cocktail has a carnival of flavors: apricot jam, passion fruit and lime; and it’s beautifully garnished with a dried pineapple slice and coconut lime foam.

The food menu is simple, not too elaborate - and this simplistic approach to provide food ensures that you are guaranteed that what you will be served has been perfected. Burger & Lobster has 3 staple menu items: the B&L Gourmet Burger, the B&L Lobster Roll and their Whole Lobster. These 3 main meals are all served with shoestring fries and a mixed green salad.

I’ve only ever eaten the Lobster Roll, and I have no intention of changing my selection. Everything about this plate is regal to me: from the little silver heavy boat containing the lemon butter sauce, to the little box in which the crisp New England style brioche roll is served in. I am probably in my personal food heaven when eating the lobster tail dressed with Japanese mayo. You’ll need to try it to believe me and understand what I mean. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever tasted!

An added bonus, is that you are provided with Remia Mayonnaise from the Netherlands. My Dutch aunt introduced us to eating our fries with this mayo, and it’s probably a better dipping sauce than ketchup on certain days. You are also provided with a B&L bib whilst eating, and just this simple difference to your regular dining experience ensures for a memorable meal (and perhaps a few laughs about the bibs with your company). They so have some incredible dessert options (you know me and my desserts), and some epic milkshakes!

For a taste of a New-Yorkesque dining and bar scene in the heart of Cape Town’s of district, a stop at Burger & Lobster will transport you directly into the scene.

Burger & Lobster has a whole range of exciting specials and events throughout the year. These include:

  • 241 (two for one) Social Hour from 16:00-19:00 everyday on selected drinks & R38 for bar bites

  • Mimosa Sundays: R99 for 2 Boschendal Mimosas all day on Sundays

  • Ladies’ Night the last Thursday of every month

  • National Chocolate Milkshake Day on the 12th of September (do you need any more convincing to go?)

  • National Lobster Day on the 25th of September

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